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Found player by the name of: "Afg pk3r1"!
Afg pk3r1's Information:
Prestige Level:0
Prestige PointsN/A
PK Points37
Trivia Points0
Zombie Onslaught Points0
Ice Points0
Vote Points8
Total Experience83,396,817
Money Pouch Contains129,497,388
Loyalty Points8,000
House LocationNo House Purchased
Operating SystemWindows 8.1
Afg pk3r1's Bank Contains:
Cornucopia() x 1
Coins() x 430,296,198
Lobster(Lobster) x 90
Saradomin brew flask (6)(Saradomin brew flask (6)) x 20
Super attack flask (6)(Super attack flask (6)) x 18
Super strength flask (6)(Super strength flask (6)) x 18
Super restore flask (6)(Super restore flask (6)) x 20
Prayer flask (6)(Prayer flask (6)) x 9
Prayer renewal flask (6)(Prayer renewal flask (6)) x 5
Tzhaar-ket-omx 1
Rune scimitar(Rune scimitar) x 1
Mithril scimitarx 1
Adamant scimitarx 1
Dragon scimitar(Dragon scimitar) x 1
Dragon dagger (p++)(Dragon dagger (p++)) x 2
Zamorak's unholy book(Zamorak's unholy book) x 1
Cooked meatx 1
Guide book(Guide book) x 1
Red topaz machetex 1
Adamant barx 6
Rusty coins(Rusty coins) x 2,508
Granite maul(Granite maul) x 4
Team-46 capex 1
Lucky Bandos chestplate(Lucky Bandos chestplate) x 4
Iron platebodyx 1
Hard leatherx 249
Infernal gaze(Infernal gaze) x 1
Wheatx 1
Iron full helmx 1
Iron platelegsx 1
Clue scroll (medium)x 1
Pet QBD(Pet QBD) x 2
Super attack flask (5)(Super attack flask (5)) x 1
Super strength flask (5)(Super strength flask (5)) x 1
Bones(Bones) x 1
Prayer flask (3)(Prayer flask (3)) x 1
Knifex 1
Black helm (h4)(Black helm (h4)) x 1
Strange fruit(Strange fruit) x 3
Yew logsx 150
Adamant helm (h1)(Adamant helm (h1)) x 1
Pure essencex 2,960
Gold ore(Gold ore) x 191
Water battlestaffx 1
Shield left halfx 1
Steel armour set (lg)(Steel armour set (lg)) x 1
Ahrim's staffx 1
Staff of earthx 1
Ectophialx 1
Gold cannon base(Gold cannon base) x 1
Staff of waterx 1
Donator Cape(<img=4>Donator Cape) x 1
Rock climbing bootsx 1
Statius' full helm (deg)(Statius' full helm (deg)) x 1
Amulet of strengthx 1
Donator aura(<img=4>Donator aura) x 1
Corrupt morrigan's javelin(Corrupt morrigan's javelin) x 130
Statius's platebody(Statius's platebody) x 1
C. morrigan's javelin (p++)(C. morrigan's javelin (p++)) x 67
Corrupt zuriel's hood(Corrupt zuriel's hood) x 1
Corrupt statius's full helm(Corrupt statius's full helm) x 1
Morrigan's javelin (p)(Morrigan's javelin (p)) x 35
C. morrigan's javelin (p)(C. morrigan's javelin (p)) x 147
C. morrigan's javelin (p+)(C. morrigan's javelin (p+)) x 72
Morrigan's throwing axe(Morrigan's throwing axe) x 55
Morrigan's javelin (p++)(Morrigan's javelin (p++)) x 295
Morrigan's javelin(Morrigan's javelin) x 106
Morrigan's javelin (p+)(Morrigan's javelin (p+)) x 59
Dragon pickaxe(Dragon pickaxe) x 1
Iron pickaxex 1
Shards of armadyl(Shards of armadyl) x 15
Ruby bolts (e)(Ruby bolts (e)) x 585
Toxic blowpipe(Toxic blowpipe) x 1
Ava's accumulator(Ava's accumulator) x 1
Dragonhide body (g)x 1
Dragonhide chaps (g)x 1
Black d'hide vambraces(Black d'hide vambraces) x 1
Rune crossbow(Rune crossbow) x 1
Archers' ring(Archers' ring) x 1
Bandos vambraces(Bandos vambraces) x 1
Black crossbow(Black crossbow) x 1
Dragon bolts (e)(Dragon bolts (e)) x 806
Rune knifex 908
Fury shark(Fury shark) x 28
Raw sea turtle(Raw sea turtle) x 182
Cannonball(Cannonball) x 676
Bolas(Bolas) x 17
Law runex 49
Ring of vigour(Ring of vigour) x 3
Barrelchest anchor(Barrelchest anchor) x 2
Uncut onyxx 1
Dragon boots(Dragon boots) x 1
Emergency healing box(Emergency healing box) x 1
Berserker ring(Berserker ring) x 1
Uncut dragonstonex 1
Culinaromancer's gloves 10x 2
Lucky Bandos boots(Lucky Bandos boots) x 3
Black d'hide body(Black d'hide body) x 1
Recover special flask (6)(Recover special flask (6)) x 1
Overload flask (6)(Overload flask (6)) x 1
Super prayer flask (6)(Super prayer flask (6)) x 1
Lucky Armadyl chestplate(Lucky Armadyl chestplate) x 1
Raw monkfishx 271
Crystal keyx 1
Water rune(Water rune) x 7,134
Fire capex 1