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Found player by the name of: "Bubu"!
Bubu's Information:
Prestige Level:0
Prestige PointsN/A
PK Points5
Trivia Points20
Zombie Onslaught Points0
Ice Points0
Vote Points20
Total Experience279,135,362
Money Pouch Contains924,242,445
Loyalty Points30,750
House LocationNo House Purchased
Operating SystemWindows 7
Bubu's Bank Contains:
Cornucopia() x 1
Lobster(Lobster) x 100
Saradomin brew flask (6)(Saradomin brew flask (6)) x 19
Super attack flask (6)(Super attack flask (6)) x 18
Super strength flask (6)(Super strength flask (6)) x 19
Prayer flask (6)(Prayer flask (6)) x 10
Tzhaar-ket-omx 1
Mithril scimitarx 1
Adamant scimitarx 1
Rune scimitar(Rune scimitar) x 1
Dragon scimitar(Dragon scimitar) x 1
Dragon dagger (p++)(Dragon dagger (p++)) x 29
Granite maul(Granite maul) x 24
Xp book(Xp book) x 1
Guide book(Guide book) x 2
Strange fruit(Strange fruit) x 20
Runite ore(Runite ore) x 244
Dharok's platebodyx 24
Cannonball(Cannonball) x 2,666
Feather(Feather) x 14
Lucky Armadyl helmet(Lucky Armadyl helmet) x 17
Uncut dragonstonex 24
Lucky Saradomin sword(Lucky Saradomin sword) x 27
Dragon boots(Dragon boots) x 100
Portable deposit box(Portable deposit box) x 40
Dharok's greataxex 34
Chaotic kiteshield(Chaotic kiteshield) x 21
Lucky Saradomin godsword(Lucky Saradomin godsword) x 25
Emergency healing box(Emergency healing box) x 32
Dragon mace(Dragon mace) x 21
Culinaromancer's gloves 10x 46
Berserker ring(Berserker ring) x 24
Karil's crossbowx 29
Lucky Bandos boots(Lucky Bandos boots) x 31
Barrelchest anchor(Barrelchest anchor) x 28
Recover special flask (6)(Recover special flask (6)) x 24
Godsword blade(Godsword blade) x 29
Archers' ring(Archers' ring) x 31
Fury shark(Fury shark) x 51
Helm of neitiznot (charged)(Helm of neitiznot (charged)) x 24
Ancient staff(Ancient staff) x 22
Eagle-eye kiteshield(Eagle-eye kiteshield) x 31
Farseer kiteshield(Farseer kiteshield) x 29
Fire capex 8
Dharok's helmx 26
Uncut onyxx 26
Raw shark() x 290
Torag's hammersx 1
Bronze hatchetx 1
Iron hatchetx 1
Logsx 19
Leatherx 1,729
Dragonhide body (g)x 1
Yew logsx 3,920
Runner hat(Runner hat) x 1
Steel crossbow(Steel crossbow) x 2
Water talismanx 1
Rune knifex 7,769
Ram skull helmx 5
Magic logsx 3,763
Hard leatherx 3,627
Babydragon bones(Babydragon bones) x 56
Dragon bones(Dragon bones) x 38
Mithril ore(Mithril ore) x 4,776
Coal(Coal) x 6,162
Team-8 capex 1
Primal maul(Primal maul) x 2
Dragon plateskirt(Dragon plateskirt) x 23
Dragon halberd(Dragon halberd) x 24
Dharok's platelegsx 23
Lucky Armadyl chestplate(Lucky Armadyl chestplate) x 22
Ring of vigour(Ring of vigour) x 32
Super prayer flask (6)(Super prayer flask (6)) x 24
Dragon longsword(Dragon longsword) x 19
Fighter torso(Fighter torso) x 25
Gnome scarf(Gnome scarf) x 3
Garb of subjugation(Garb of subjugation) x 2
Guthix coif(Guthix coif) x 2
Lucky Bandos tassets(Lucky Bandos tassets) x 20
Investigator's hat(Investigator's hat) x 3
Pure essencex 300
Pet Eruni(Pet Eruni) x 3
Dragon bolts (e)(Dragon bolts (e)) x 31,813
Gold ore(Gold ore) x 6,523
Lucky dragon 2h sword(Lucky dragon 2h sword) x 7
Red dragon leatherx 1,039
Lucky Bandos chestplate(Lucky Bandos chestplate) x 30
Barrel of monkeys(Barrel of monkeys) x 6
Snakeskinx 982
Penguin staff(Penguin staff) x 1
Camo helmetx 2
Iron full helmx 1
Adamant shield (h4)x 2
Yew shortbow(Yew shortbow) x 2
Super prayer flask (5)(Super prayer flask (5)) x 1
Seers' ring(Seers' ring) x 24
Lucky Armadyl chainskirt(Lucky Armadyl chainskirt) x 25
Dragon hatchet(Dragon hatchet) x 11
Adamant barx 1,219
Purple sweets() x 126
Shards of armadyl(Shards of armadyl) x 197
Dragon pickaxe(Dragon pickaxe) x 9
Raw shark(Raw shark) x 147
Green boaterx 1
Lucky abyssal whip(Lucky abyssal whip) x 3
Red topaz machetex 1
Earth rune(Earth rune) x 150
Sacred clay helm(Sacred clay helm) x 1
Steel longswordx 2
Third-age full helmet(Third-age full helmet) x 1
Black unicorn mask(Black unicorn mask) x 2
Fury shark() x 141
Coalx 1,479
Penance skirt(Penance skirt) x 1
Raw sea turtle(Raw sea turtle) x 2,235
Nature talismanx 1
Mithril defender(Mithril defender) x 2
Iron platelegsx 1
Primal rapier(Primal rapier) x 4
Pet Dagannoth Supreme(Pet Dagannoth Supreme) x 2
Adamant trimmed armour set (lg)(Adamant trimmed armour set (lg)) x 2
Dragon plate armour set (sk)(Dragon plate armour set (sk)) x 1
Pet Jungle Strykewyrm(Pet Jungle Strykewyrm) x 3
Zamorak's unholy book(Zamorak's unholy book) x 1
Ring of life(Ring of life) x 1
Air talismanx 1
Knifex 1
Bronze crossbow(Bronze crossbow) x 1
Moonclan boots(Moonclan boots) x 4
Black hatchetx 1
Ancient stole(Ancient stole) x 2
Bob shirt() x 1
Bandos cloak(Bandos cloak) x 1
Shark(Shark) x 5,070
Raw monkfishx 1,000
Barrows - verac's set(Barrows - verac's set) x 2
Bonesackx 11
Bobble scarfx 2
Korasi's sword() x 2
Pet Sunfreet(Pet Sunfreet) x 1
Dragon full helm(Dragon full helm) x 1
Dragon platelegs(Dragon platelegs) x 1
Daedric wings(Daedric wings) x 4
Obliteration(Obliteration) x 1
Torag's platelegsx 1
Black shield (h5)x 1
Black bolts(Black bolts) x 33
Wizard robe skirt (t)x 1
Black cavalier(Black cavalier) x 1
Pet Bork(Pet Bork) x 3
Loop half of a keyx 13
Dragonhide chaps (g)x 1
Coins() x 139,427,188
Black armour set (sk)(Black armour set (sk)) x 1
Blue dragon mask(Blue dragon mask) x 1
Maple shortbow(Maple shortbow) x 1
Ahrim's hoodx 2
Mithril full helmx 1
Mith grapple() x 12
Culinaromancer's gloves 6(Culinaromancer's gloves 6) x 1
Soul phylactery(Soul phylactery) x 20
Super attack flask (5)(Super attack flask (5)) x 1
Prayer renewal flask (5)(Prayer renewal flask (5)) x 1
Super strength flask (3)(Super strength flask (3)) x 1
Super attack flask (3)(Super attack flask (3)) x 1
Energy sword(Energy sword) x 3
Primal longsword(Primal longsword) x 2
Primal dagger (p++)(Primal dagger (p++)) x 3
Third-age range coif(Third-age range coif) x 2
Third-age vambraces(Third-age vambraces) x 3
Magic whistle(Magic whistle) x 2
Black trimmed armour set (lg)(Black trimmed armour set (lg)) x 3
Promethium rapier(Promethium rapier) x 1
Pink Gemstone Dagger(Pink Gemstone Dagger) x 1
Blue Gemstone Dagger(Blue Gemstone Dagger) x 1
Barrows dye(Barrows dye) x 1
Ahrim's robe topx 1
Beta scientist backpack(Beta scientist backpack) x 2
Beta scientist feet(Beta scientist feet) x 2
Beta scientist gloves(Beta scientist gloves) x 4
Healer lvl 5(Healer lvl 5) x 2
Ganodermic poncho(Ganodermic poncho) x 1
Volatile clay needle(Volatile clay needle) x 1
Basket of eggsx 2
Pet Dagannoth Prime(Pet Dagannoth Prime) x 1
Pet Avatar of Destruction(Pet Avatar of Destruction) x 1
Pet Commander Zilyana(Pet Commander Zilyana) x 2
Pet Tormented Demon(Pet Tormented Demon) x 1
Pet Mutated Jadinko Guard(Pet Mutated Jadinko Guard) x 1
Pet Dagannoth Mother(Pet Dagannoth Mother) x 2
Pet General Graardor(Pet General Graardor) x 2
Xmas Boots(Xmas Boots) x 2
Bandos statuette(Bandos statuette) x 1
C. morrigan's javelin (p++)(C. morrigan's javelin (p++)) x 49
Ancient statuette(Ancient statuette) x 1
Morrigan's javelin (p++)(Morrigan's javelin (p++)) x 8
Tri-jester scarfx 1
Saradomin carving(Saradomin carving) x 1
Saradomin amphora(Saradomin amphora) x 1
Collector lvl 5(Collector lvl 5) x 1
Saradomin brew flask (5)(Saradomin brew flask (5)) x 1
Super restore flask (5)(Super restore flask (5)) x 9
Third-age robe(Third-age robe) x 2
Stardust(Stardust) x 2,552
Miscellania teleport(Miscellania teleport) x 24
Nardah teleport(Nardah teleport) x 25
Karil's coifx 1
Pharaoh's sceptre(Pharaoh's sceptre) x 1
Black cane(Black cane) x 3
Swagger Stick(Swagger Stick) x 1
Swag Bag(Swag Bag) x 2
Bolt pouch(Bolt pouch) x 2
Vecna skull(Vecna skull) x 2
Daedra Heartx 1
Diving apparatus(Diving apparatus) x 1
Beta scientist legs(Beta scientist legs) x 3
Pet Dagannoth Rex(Pet Dagannoth Rex) x 3
Verac's Kiteshield(Verac's Kiteshield) x 1
Elite black armour set(Elite black armour set) x 1
Dragonbone mage bottoms(Dragonbone mage bottoms) x 1
Dragonbone mage top(Dragonbone mage top) x 1
Pet Ayuni(Pet Ayuni) x 1
Gold athlete's shoes() x 1
Royal amulet(Royal amulet) x 1
Royal crown(Royal crown) x 1
Investigator's trousers(Investigator's trousers) x 1
Enchanted topx 1
Jester scarfx 1
Elite black platebody(Elite black platebody) x 1
Elite black full helm(Elite black full helm) x 1
Moonclan skirt(Moonclan skirt) x 2
Elite black platelegs(Elite black platelegs) x 1
Black longswordx 2
Moonclan gloves(Moonclan gloves) x 1
Royal leggings(Royal leggings) x 2
Sacred clay coif(Sacred clay coif) x 1
Beta scientist torso(Beta scientist torso) x 1
Defender lvl 5(Defender lvl 5) x 1
Dragon staff(Dragon staff) x 2
Wolf staff(Wolf staff) x 2
Gilded dragon pickaxe(Gilded dragon pickaxe) x 1
Volatile clay tool(Volatile clay tool) x 3
Beta scientist head(Beta scientist head) x 2
Mith crossbow(Mith crossbow) x 5
Sacred clay platebody(Sacred clay platebody) x 1
Third-age range top(Third-age range top) x 1
New crystal bowx 1
Super prayer flask (2)(Super prayer flask (2)) x 1
Third-age platelegs(Third-age platelegs) x 1
Third-age robe top(Third-age robe top) x 2
Third-age mage hat(Third-age mage hat) x 3
Xmas Staff(Xmas Staff) x 1
Yew logsx 1,278
Lucky dragon full helm(Lucky dragon full helm) x 1
Raw sea turtle() x 376
Magic logsx 284
Red dragon leatherx 299
Leatherx 982
Raw monkfishx 725
Babydragon bones() x 30
Runite ore() x 101
Lucky divine spirit shield(Lucky divine spirit shield) x 1
Lucky dragon chainbody(Lucky dragon chainbody) x 2
Infernal ashes(Infernal ashes) x 6
Super restore flask (4)(Super restore flask (4)) x 5
D&D token (troll invasion)(D&D token (troll invasion)) x 6
Third-age amulet(Third-age amulet) x 1
Decimation(Decimation) x 2
Xmas Platelegs(Xmas Platelegs) x 3
Overload flask (3)(Overload flask (3)) x 4
Prayer renewal flask (4)(Prayer renewal flask (4)) x 2
Rune crossbow(Rune crossbow) x 1
Master RangeCapex 1
Xmas Platebody(Xmas Platebody) x 1
Ranger boots(Ranger boots) x 1
Xmas Helm(Xmas Helm) x 1
Monkey cape(Monkey cape) x 1
Archers' ring (i)(Archers' ring (i)) x 1
Lucky arcane spirit shield(Lucky arcane spirit shield) x 2
Rune platebody(Rune platebody) x 1
Ropex 1
Astral rune(Astral rune) x 75
Saradomin vambraces(Saradomin vambraces) x 2
Body talismanx 2
Hood of subjugation(Hood of subjugation) x 1
Robin hood hat(Robin hood hat) x 1
Brutal whip(Brutal whip) x 2
Ornate katana(Ornate katana) x 1
Green santa costume top(Green santa costume top) x 2
Draconic visage(Draconic visage) x 1
Toolkit(Toolkit) x 5
Prayer renewal flask (3)x 2
Red dragon mask(Red dragon mask) x 2
Overload flask (1)(Overload flask (1)) x 1
Double xp ring(Double xp ring) x 19
Adamant barx 274
Snakeskinx 953
Adamant crossbow(Adamant crossbow) x 2
Obsidian cape(Obsidian cape) x 20
Rune helm (h2)(Rune helm (h2)) x 1
Lucky h'ween mask(Lucky h'ween mask) x 1
Guthan's warspearx 1
Raw manta ray(Raw manta ray) x 3,047
Enchanted robex 1
Green d'hide gold-trimmed set(Green d'hide gold-trimmed set) x 1
Pet KBD(Pet KBD) x 1
Wintumber tree(Wintumber tree) x 1
Guthix vambraces(Guthix vambraces) x 1
Saradomin cloak(Saradomin cloak) x 1
Blue boaterx 1
White unicorn mask(White unicorn mask) x 1
Royal shirt(Royal shirt) x 1
Dragon claws(Dragon claws) x 3
Bolas(Bolas) x 5,849
Overload flask (2)(Overload flask (2)) x 3
Super restore flask (1)(Super restore flask (1)) x 1
Karil's Kiteshield(Karil's Kiteshield) x 1
Steel nailsx 30
Bat staff(Bat staff) x 1
Iron pickaxex 1
Hammerx 1
Door keyx 1
Monkey greegreex 1
Red chinchompa() x 6,069
Diaryx 1
Leather glovesx 2
Zamorak coif(Zamorak coif) x 1
Wolf whistle(Wolf whistle) x 1
Witchdoctor legs(Witchdoctor legs) x 1
Pet Desert Strykewyrm(Pet Desert Strykewyrm) x 1
Oak shortbow(Oak shortbow) x 1
Sling(Sling) x 1
Iron platebodyx 1
Seismic wand(Seismic wand) x 1
Super restore flask (6)(Super restore flask (6)) x 2
Primal 2h sword(Primal 2h sword) x 1
Auspicious Katana(Auspicious Katana) x 1
Amulet of strengthx 1
Overload flask (4)(Overload flask (4)) x 1
Dagannoth bonesx 37
Overload flask (6)(Overload flask (6)) x 22
Gravity Hammerx 2
Rune longsword(Rune longsword) x 3
Rune platelegs(Rune platelegs) x 1
Runner boots(Runner boots) x 1
Adamant shield (h5)x 1
Ruby bolts (e)(Ruby bolts (e)) x 2,614
Ancient cloak(Ancient cloak) x 1
Pet Yk'Lagor the Thunderous(Pet Yk'Lagor the Thunderous) x 1
Pirate hat(Pirate hat) x 1
Prince tunicx 2
Black helm (h4)(Black helm (h4)) x 1
Fox mask(Fox mask) x 1
Verac's brassardx 1
Steel 2h swordx 1
Magic composite bow(Magic composite bow) x 1
Barrows - torag's set(Barrows - torag's set) x 1
Clue scroll (elite)() x 1
Rune 2h sword(Rune 2h sword) x 1
Lucky dragon platebody(Lucky dragon platebody) x 1
Mithril ore() x 3,096
Rock climbing bootsx 1
TokHaar-Kal(TokHaar-Kal) x 1
Drygore defender(Drygore defender) x 1
Golden katana(Golden katana) x 1
Green santa costume legs(Green santa costume legs) x 1
Primal full helm(Primal full helm) x 1
Daedric sword(Daedric sword) x 1
Khazard helmet(Khazard helmet) x 1
Slayer bell(Slayer bell) x 1
Mithril 2h swordx 1
Daedric Platebody(Daedric Platebody) x 1
Lunar ring(Lunar ring) x 1
Wizard robe top (g)x 1
Nature runex 537
Fire rune(Fire rune) x 535
Spiked helmet(Spiked helmet) x 1
Royal sceptre(Royal sceptre) x 1
Doctors hatx 1
Shark() x 365
Lucky santa hat(Lucky santa hat) x 1
Rune gold-trimmed armour set (lg)(Rune gold-trimmed armour set (lg)) x 1
Mithril kiteshieldx 1
Law talismanx 2
Rune shield (h4)x 1
Iron crossbow(Iron crossbow) x 1
Barrows - karil's set(Barrows - karil's set) x 1
Pet Ice Strykewyrm(Pet Ice Strykewyrm) x 1
Pet Shadow Snake(Pet Shadow Snake) x 1
Water rune(Water rune) x 22
Law runex 1,114
Air runex 197
Ragefire boots(Ragefire boots) x 2
Grail bell(Grail bell) x 1
Ectophialx 1
Pet Ganodermic Beast(Pet Ganodermic Beast) x 1
Adamant helm (h1)(Adamant helm (h1)) x 1
Guthan's chainskirtx 1
Daedric Platelegs(Daedric Platelegs) x 1
Studded bodyx 1
Ganodermic visor(Ganodermic visor) x 1
Zamorak body(Zamorak body) x 1
Tormented King's Bones(Tormented King's Bones) x 44
Lucky spectral spirit shield(Lucky spectral spirit shield) x 1
Spadex 1
Large XP lamp (Construction)(Large XP lamp (Construction)) x 1
Small XP lamp (Summoning)(Small XP lamp (Summoning)) x 1
Third-age kiteshield(Third-age kiteshield) x 1
Large XP lamp (Fishing)(Large XP lamp (Fishing)) x 1
Adamant full helm (t)x 1
Mithril platebodyx 1
Frostmourne(Frostmourne) x 1
Adamant platebody (t)x 1
Adamant platelegs (t)x 1
Adamant kiteshield (t)x 1
Pet Nex(Pet Nex) x 1