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Found player by the name of: "Buttbutt"!
Buttbutt's Information:
Prestige Level:0
Prestige PointsN/A
PK Points18
Trivia Points16
Zombie Onslaught Points966
Ice Points0
Vote Points0
Total Experience953,882,402
Money Pouch Contains41,080,211,234
Loyalty Points84,750
House LocationNo House Purchased
Operating SystemWindows 10
Buttbutt's Bank Contains:
Cornucopia() x 1
Saradomin brew flask (6)(Saradomin brew flask (6)) x 20
Super attack flask (6)(Super attack flask (6)) x 19
Super strength flask (6)(Super strength flask (6)) x 19
Prayer renewal flask (6)(Prayer renewal flask (6)) x 2
Rune knifex 11,093
Raw shark(Raw shark) x 1,531
Bronze defender(Bronze defender) x 1
Gold ore(Gold ore) x 7,130
Shark(Shark) x 15,232
Enchanted gemx 1
Super energy (4)x 461
Grimy torstol(Grimy torstol) x 40
Agile top(Agile top) x 1
Grim reaper hood(Grim reaper hood) x 1
Raw swordfish(Raw swordfish) x 800
Strange fruit(Strange fruit) x 17
Cannonball(Cannonball) x 20,776
Raw sea turtle(Raw sea turtle) x 5,727
Adamant barx 2,097
Red chinchompa() x 3,043
Soul runex 5,768
Mind rune(Mind rune) x 490
Smoke runex 508
Culinaromancer's gloves 10x 37
Soul phylactery(Soul phylactery) x 12
Super prayer flask (6)(Super prayer flask (6)) x 26
Yew logsx 6,195
Bonesackx 15
Dragon pickaxe(Dragon pickaxe) x 1
Rusty coins(Rusty coins) x 449
Camo bottomsx 1
Rune defender(Rune defender) x 3
Overload flask (6)(Overload flask (6)) x 108
Recover special flask (6)(Recover special flask (6)) x 31
Big rock(Big rock) x 2
White firelighter(White firelighter) x 25
Jack lantern mask(Jack lantern mask) x 4
Raw monkfishx 6,111
Runite ore(Runite ore) x 412
Warlock cloak(Warlock cloak) x 2
Lucky Bandos boots(Lucky Bandos boots) x 20
Pet Jad(Pet Jad) x 1
Lucky Saradomin sword(Lucky Saradomin sword) x 21
Ram skull helmx 3
Lucky Bandos tassets(Lucky Bandos tassets) x 30
Swag Bag(Swag Bag) x 1
Barrows dye(Barrows dye) x 1
Law runex 2,796
Grail bell(Grail bell) x 1
Spellcaster gloves (black)(Spellcaster gloves (black)) x 2
Pet Ayuni(Pet Ayuni) x 2
Royal torsion spring(Royal torsion spring) x 4
Pet Bork(Pet Bork) x 2
Pet Desert Strykewyrm(Pet Desert Strykewyrm) x 3
Pet Kalphite Queen(Pet Kalphite Queen) x 1
Pet Vorago(Pet Vorago) x 3
Pet Avatar of Destruction(Pet Avatar of Destruction) x 2
Pet Eruni(Pet Eruni) x 1
Pet Hati(Pet Hati) x 3
Pet Commander Zilyana(Pet Commander Zilyana) x 1
Boots of lightness(Boots of lightness) x 1
Red firelighterx 35
Mith grapple() x 15
Bolt pouch(Bolt pouch) x 1
Cannon base(Cannon base) x 1
Cannon stand(Cannon stand) x 2
Cannon barrels(Cannon barrels) x 1
Cannon furnace(Cannon furnace) x 1
Pet Yk'Lagor the Thunderous(Pet Yk'Lagor the Thunderous) x 3
Pet QBD(Pet QBD) x 2
Pure essencex 1,468
Black ibis mask(Black ibis mask) x 1
Third-age platebody(Third-age platebody) x 2
Tome of frost(Tome of frost) x 1
Royal frame(Royal frame) x 2
Warlock legs(Warlock legs) x 1
Super restore (4)x 513
Onyx bolts(Onyx bolts) x 300
Master poison purge(Master poison purge) x 1
Royal bolt stabiliser(Royal bolt stabiliser) x 1
Herbicide(Herbicide) x 1
Easter ringx 1
Scythex 1
Skeleton leggings(Skeleton leggings) x 2
Skeleton shirt(Skeleton shirt) x 1
Skeleton mask(Skeleton mask) x 1
Shark fists 2(Shark fists 2) x 1
Toxic staff of the dead(Toxic staff of the dead) x 1
Skeleton boots(Skeleton boots) x 1
Skeleton gloves(Skeleton gloves) x 1
Lederhosen shortsx 1
Tri-jester hatx 1
Third-age platelegs(Third-age platelegs) x 2
Runner boots(Runner boots) x 1
Lumberjack top(Lumberjack top) x 1
Super restore flask (6)(Super restore flask (6)) x 988
Portable deposit box(Portable deposit box) x 11
Air runex 1,945
Earth rune(Earth rune) x 755
Death rune(Death rune) x 6,705
Chaos runex 5,486
Water rune(Water rune) x 15,893
Blood rune(Blood rune) x 8,860
Gown of subjugation(Gown of subjugation) x 1
Ruby bolts (e)(Ruby bolts (e)) x 10,120
Third-age robe top(Third-age robe top) x 1
Bobble hatx 3
Armadyl battlestaff(Armadyl battlestaff) x 1
Archers' ring(Archers' ring) x 9
Emergency healing box(Emergency healing box) x 23
Witchdoctor mask(Witchdoctor mask) x 1
Royal sight(Royal sight) x 1
Berserker ring(Berserker ring) x 6
Ring of vigour(Ring of vigour) x 8
Small XP lamp(Small XP lamp) x 23
Seers' ring(Seers' ring) x 6
Mining ring(Mining ring) x 1
Golden mining trousers(Golden mining trousers) x 2
Golden mining boots(Golden mining boots) x 2
Golden mining helmet(Golden mining helmet) x 2
Golden mining gloves(Golden mining gloves) x 2
Golden mining top(Golden mining top) x 2
Stardust(Stardust) x 3,209
Prized pendant of Mining(Prized pendant of Mining) x 1
Onyx ring (i)(Onyx ring (i)) x 1
Garb of subjugation(Garb of subjugation) x 1
Amulet of ranging(Amulet of ranging) x 1
Quest point cape(Quest point cape) x 2
Armadyl godsword(Armadyl godsword) x 1
D&D token (shooting star)(D&D token (shooting star)) x 2
Tai bwo wannai teleport(Tai bwo wannai teleport) x 21
Pet Dagannoth Prime(Pet Dagannoth Prime) x 2
Mime legsx 1
Pantaloons(Pantaloons) x 3
Fury shark(Fury shark) x 13,970
Obliteration(Obliteration) x 2
Primal rapier(Primal rapier) x 2
Third-age robe(Third-age robe) x 2
Beta scientist backpack(Beta scientist backpack) x 1
Gilded dragon pickaxe(Gilded dragon pickaxe) x 2
Goliath gloves (black)(Goliath gloves (black)) x 1
Vampyrism(Vampyrism) x 1
Ava's accumulator(Ava's accumulator) x 1
Dragon bolts (e)(Dragon bolts (e)) x 9,987
Gorilla greegreex 2
Black defender(Black defender) x 1
New crystal bowx 1
Beta scientist head(Beta scientist head) x 1
Firework() x 5
Royale cannon barrels(Royale cannon barrels) x 1
Green santa costume top(Green santa costume top) x 2
Green santa costume legs(Green santa costume legs) x 1
Barrel of monkeys(Barrel of monkeys) x 3
Pet Tormented Demon(Pet Tormented Demon) x 1
Ganodermic leggings(Ganodermic leggings) x 1
Pet Jungle Strykewyrm(Pet Jungle Strykewyrm) x 1
Adamant defender(Adamant defender) x 1
Ranger hat(Ranger hat) x 1
Ranger boots(Ranger boots) x 1
Robin hood hat(Robin hood hat) x 1
Tokkulx 15,155
Pet WildyWyrm(Pet WildyWyrm) x 1
Pet Ice Strykewyrm(Pet Ice Strykewyrm) x 3
Black ibis body(Black ibis body) x 1
Lucky divine spirit shield(Lucky divine spirit shield) x 3
Armadyl helmet(Armadyl helmet) x 1
Armadyl chestplate(Armadyl chestplate) x 1
Change username ticket(<img=1>Change username ticket) x 3
Overload flask (5)(Overload flask (5)) x 1
Black ibis legs(Black ibis legs) x 1
Super restore flask (4)(Super restore flask (4)) x 1
Hallowed boots(Hallowed boots) x 1
Unhallowed torso(Unhallowed torso) x 1
Unhallowed boots(Unhallowed boots) x 2
Ancient ceremonial legs() x 4
Mithril defender(Mithril defender) x 1
Lumber yard teleport(Lumber yard teleport) x 18
Master Hp-Capex 1
Master DefenceCape(Master DefenceCape) x 1
Tormented King's Helmet(Tormented King's Helmet) x 1
Long Horns(Long Horns) x 1
Vile Horns(Vile Horns) x 1
Twisted Horns(Twisted Horns) x 2
Off-hand chaotic longsword(Off-hand chaotic longsword) x 1
Hallowed cloak(Hallowed cloak) x 1
Saradomin's murmur(Saradomin's murmur) x 1
Unhallowed gloves(Unhallowed gloves) x 1
Ectoplasmator(Ectoplasmator) x 1
Ancient ceremonial gloves() x 4
Pet Nex(Pet Nex) x 2
Tormented King's Bolts (e)(Tormented King's Bolts (e)) x 302
Panda costume(Panda costume) x 1
Green h'ween mask(Green h'ween mask) x 1
Gnome scarf(Gnome scarf) x 1
TzHaar Whip 2(TzHaar Whip 2) x 2
TokHaar Warlord Gloves(TokHaar Warlord Gloves) x 1
Abyssal vine whip(Abyssal vine whip) x 1
Dragon sq shield(Dragon sq shield) x 1
Virtus wand(Virtus wand) x 1
Virtus robe top(Virtus robe top) x 1
Curled Horns(Curled Horns) x 1
Ghoulish mask(Ghoulish mask) x 1
Easter eggx 1
Magic logsx 5,322
Enchanted keyx 1
TzHaar Whip 1(TzHaar Whip 1) x 4
Decimation(Decimation) x 1
Tooth half of a keyx 1
Virtus mask(Virtus mask) x 1
TzHaar Whip 3(TzHaar Whip 3) x 1
Fire rune(Fire rune) x 2,305
Nature runex 9,705
Dharok's helmx 4
Dharok's platebodyx 7
Dharok's greataxex 2
Karil's crossbowx 7
Dharok's platelegsx 4
Unhallowed cloak(Unhallowed cloak) x 1
Pitchfork of justice(Pitchfork of justice) x 1
Prison uniform top(Prison uniform top) x 1
Prison uniform trousers(Prison uniform trousers) x 1
TokHaar-Kal(TokHaar-Kal) x 1
Amulet of fury(Amulet of fury) x 1
Black santa hatx 1
Daedric Sword of Disease(<col=ffff00>Daedric Sword of Disease) x 1
Dark spirit shield(Dark spirit shield) x 1
Frost Torva Platebody(Frost Torva Platebody) x 1
Goliath gloves (white)(Goliath gloves (white)) x 1
Primal boots(Primal boots) x 1
Deathtouched dart(Deathtouched dart) x 3
Torag's helmx 1
Chaotic clawsx 1
Lucky arcane spirit shield(Lucky arcane spirit shield) x 1
Ebony ingotx 1
Penance gloves(Penance gloves) x 1
Third-age full helmet(Third-age full helmet) x 1
Spadex 1
Ahrim's staffx 1
Shark fists 4(Shark fists 4) x 1
Loop half of a keyx 10
Lederhosen hatx 1
Vampyre dustx 3
Iron defender(Iron defender) x 1
Frost Torva Platelegs(Frost Torva Platelegs) x 1
Ahrim's robe topx 1
Vorpal talon(Vorpal talon) x 1
Virtus robe legs(Virtus robe legs) x 1
Dramen staffx 1
Tormented King's Coif(Tormented King's Coif) x 1
Armadyl Set with Godsword(Armadyl Set with Godsword) x 1
Crystal keyx 4
Dragon hatchet(Dragon hatchet) x 1
Ropex 1
Bob shirt(Bob shirt) x 1
Green firelighterx 11
Bat staff(Bat staff) x 1
Tormented King's Crossbow(Tormented King's Crossbow) x 1
Third-age amulet(Third-age amulet) x 1
Tormented King's Claws(Tormented King's Claws) x 1
Coins() x 315,608
Uncut diamondx 5
Uncut jadex 4
Uncut opal(Uncut opal) x 14
Uncut emeraldx 2
Uncut rubyx 1
Energy sword(Energy sword) x 1
Miscellania teleport(Miscellania teleport) x 6
Pet Aviansie(Pet Aviansie) x 1
Blue firelighterx 22
Vecna skull(Vecna skull) x 1
Bandos stole(Bandos stole) x 1
Bobble scarfx 1