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Found player by the name of: "Cloud"!
Cloud's Information:
Prestige Level:0
Prestige PointsN/A
PK Points0
Trivia Points9
Zombie Onslaught Points781
Ice Points0
Vote Points26
Total Experience1,298,830
Money Pouch Contains233,074,371,591
Loyalty Points55,250
House LocationNo House Purchased
Operating SystemWindows 8.1
Cloud's Bank Contains:
Cornucopia() x 1
Firework() x 10
Firecracker(Firecracker) x 100
Confetti(Confetti) x 1
Bubble maker(Bubble maker) x 1
Culinaromancer's gloves 10x 1
Chinchompa() x 20
Red chinchompa() x 19
Super energy (4)x 8
Steel arrow(Steel arrow) x 459
Adamant arrowx 507
Shortbow(Shortbow) x 1
Bolas(Bolas) x 217
Huge XP lamp(Huge XP lamp) x 7
Adamant barx 98
Shark(Shark) x 364
Tyras helm(Tyras helm) x 1
Donator Cape(<img=4>Donator Cape) x 1
Dragon boots(Dragon boots) x 1
Rusty coins(Rusty coins) x 1
Dragon bolts (e)(Dragon bolts (e)) x 5
Seers' ring(Seers' ring) x 1
Shadow Barrows - guthan's set(Shadow Barrows - guthan's set) x 1
Eye patchx 1
Lucky Armadyl chainskirt(Lucky Armadyl chainskirt) x 1
Small XP lamp (Farming)(Small XP lamp (Farming)) x 2
Anti-dragon shieldx 1
Promethium chainbody(Promethium chainbody) x 1
Leatherx 271
Mithril ore(Mithril ore) x 1,040
Fury shark(Fury shark) x 110
Tri-jester scarfx 1
Guthix cloak(Guthix cloak) x 1
Saradomin page 3x 1
Tormented King's Bolts (e)(Tormented King's Bolts (e)) x 14
Portable deposit box(Portable deposit box) x 1
Ganodermic visor(Ganodermic visor) x 1
Vial(Vial) x 4
Spadex 1
Third-age platebody(Third-age platebody) x 1
Energy sword(Energy sword) x 1
Armadyl page 1(Armadyl page 1) x 1
Moonclan armour(Moonclan armour) x 1
Damaged bookx 1
Rune knifex 1,291
Mithril defender(Mithril defender) x 1
Obliteration(Obliteration) x 1
Medium XP lamp(Medium XP lamp) x 1
Shadow Verac's flail(Shadow Verac's flail) x 1
Large XP lamp(Large XP lamp) x 7