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Found player by the name of: "Darkued"!
Darkued's Information:
Prestige Level:0
Prestige PointsN/A
PK Points0
Trivia Points10
Zombie Onslaught Points0
Ice Points0
Vote Points0
Total Experience371,214,688
Money Pouch Contains11,448,208,242
Loyalty Points24,500
House LocationNo House Purchased
Operating SystemWindows 10
Darkued's Bank Contains:
Shark(Shark) x 439
Raw sea turtle(Raw sea turtle) x 153
Overload flask (6)(Overload flask (6)) x 1
Super restore (4)x 515
Prayer renewal (4)(Prayer renewal (4)) x 523
Toolkit(Toolkit) x 2
Overload flask (5)(Overload flask (5)) x 1
Prayer renewal (3)(Prayer renewal (3)) x 2
Super restore (3)x 1
Raw shark(Raw shark) x 383
Yew logsx 226
Red dragon leatherx 108
Adamant barx 142
Hard leatherx 432
Leatherx 441
Dragon hatchet(Dragon hatchet) x 2
Uncut dragonstonex 1
Raw monkfishx 448
Lumberjack top(Lumberjack top) x 1
Lumberjack legs(Lumberjack legs) x 1
Dragon bolts (e)(Dragon bolts (e)) x 729
Zamorak chaps(Zamorak chaps) x 1
Garb of subjugation(Garb of subjugation) x 1
Hood of subjugation(Hood of subjugation) x 1
Gown of subjugation(Gown of subjugation) x 1
Seers' ring (i)(Seers' ring (i)) x 1
Obliteration(Obliteration) x 1
Vorpal talon(Vorpal talon) x 1
Rune crossbow(Rune crossbow) x 1
Dragonhide body (t)x 1
Tormented King's Bolts (e)(Tormented King's Bolts (e)) x 9
Brutal whip(Brutal whip) x 1
Tormented King's Bones(Tormented King's Bones) x 7
Rusty coins(Rusty coins) x 107
Shards of armadyl(Shards of armadyl) x 30
Cannonball(Cannonball) x 735
Dragon bones(Dragon bones) x 4
Karil's crossbowx 1
Seers' ring(Seers' ring) x 1
Darklightx 1
Spider Queen silk(Spider Queen silk) x 2
Black gold-trimmed armour set (lg)(Black gold-trimmed armour set (lg)) x 1
Saradomin's hiss(Saradomin's hiss) x 1
Guthix stole(Guthix stole) x 1
Uncut onyxx 2
Xmas Platelegs(Xmas Platelegs) x 1
Quest point cape(Quest point cape) x 1
Lucky Zamorakian spear(Lucky Zamorakian spear) x 1
Lucky abyssal whip(Lucky abyssal whip) x 1
Lucky Zamorak godsword(Lucky Zamorak godsword) x 1
Investigator's trousers(Investigator's trousers) x 1
Fox mask(Fox mask) x 1
Barrelchest anchor(Barrelchest anchor) x 1
Black dragonhidex 5
Dagannoth bonesx 11
Coal(Coal) x 1,486
Rune hatchet(Rune hatchet) x 1
Cornucopia() x 1
Double xp ring(Double xp ring) x 3
Master RangeCapex 1
Swag Bag(Swag Bag) x 1
Firework() x 10
Firecracker(Firecracker) x 100
Confetti(Confetti) x 1
Bubble maker(Bubble maker) x 1