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Found player by the name of: "Demgaiinz"!
Demgaiinz's Information:
Prestige Level:0
Prestige PointsN/A
PK Points8
Trivia Points0
Zombie Onslaught Points0
Ice Points0
Vote Points136
Total Experience319,628,818
Money Pouch Contains237,888,313,190
Loyalty Points20,750
House LocationNo House Purchased
Operating SystemWindows 10
Demgaiinz's Bank Contains:
Archers' ring(Archers' ring) x 15
Lucky Armadyl chestplate(Lucky Armadyl chestplate) x 9
Lucky Armadyl helmet(Lucky Armadyl helmet) x 15
Lucky Armadyl chainskirt(Lucky Armadyl chainskirt) x 12
Lucky Bandos boots(Lucky Bandos boots) x 6
Eagle-eye kiteshield(Eagle-eye kiteshield) x 23
Deathtouched dart(Deathtouched dart) x 1
Logsx 232
Adamant helm (h2)(Adamant helm (h2)) x 1
Prized pendant of Woodcutting(Prized pendant of Woodcutting) x 1
Quickfire crossbow(Quickfire crossbow) x 1
Ava's accumulator(Ava's accumulator) x 1
Ascension crossbow(Ascension crossbow) x 1
Large XP lamp (Mining)(Large XP lamp (Mining)) x 1
Ranging potion (4)x 87
Super defence (4)x 90
Prayer renewal (4)(Prayer renewal (4)) x 94
Super restore (4)x 638
Saradomin brew (4)x 745
Shark(Shark) x 3,163
Fury shark(Fury shark) x 1,312
Dragon hatchet(Dragon hatchet) x 6
Santa hat(Santa hat) x 1
Wizard robe top (g)x 1
Wizard robe skirt (g)x 1
Wizard hat (g)x 1
Tuna potatox 104
Dharok's helmx 16
Dharok's platelegsx 16
Dharok's platebodyx 18
Dharok's greataxex 18
Daedric sword(Daedric sword) x 1
Lucky dragon full helm(Lucky dragon full helm) x 1
Huge XP lamp(Huge XP lamp) x 15
Medium XP lamp(Medium XP lamp) x 22
Small XP lamp(Small XP lamp) x 30
Spin ticket(Spin ticket) x 11
Lobster(Lobster) x 90
Saradomin brew flask (6)(Saradomin brew flask (6)) x 20
Ranging flask (6)(Ranging flask (6)) x 20
Super restore flask (6)(Super restore flask (6)) x 20
Prayer flask (6)(Prayer flask (6)) x 10
Prayer renewal flask (6)(Prayer renewal flask (6)) x 5
Xp book(Xp book) x 1
Guide book(Guide book) x 1
Sacred clay helm(Sacred clay helm) x 1
Sword of Edicts(Sword of Edicts) x 2
Third-age range top(Third-age range top) x 2
Primal maul(Primal maul) x 1
Garb of subjugation(Garb of subjugation) x 1
Easter ringx 1
Skull sceptre(Skull sceptre) x 1
Zamorak's unholy book(Zamorak's unholy book) x 1
Diving apparatus(Diving apparatus) x 1
Ring of life(Ring of life) x 1
Tormented King's Bolts (e)(Tormented King's Bolts (e)) x 2,174
Ring of vigour(Ring of vigour) x 17
Lucky Bandos tassets(Lucky Bandos tassets) x 19
Uncut dragonstonex 15
Large XP lamp(Large XP lamp) x 8
Lucky Saradomin godsword(Lucky Saradomin godsword) x 15
Culinaromancer's gloves 10x 19
Ancient staff(Ancient staff) x 11
Recover special flask (6)(Recover special flask (6)) x 18
Soul phylactery(Soul phylactery) x 16
Rusty coins(Rusty coins) x 291
Dragon plateskirt(Dragon plateskirt) x 14
Helm of neitiznot (charged)(Helm of neitiznot (charged)) x 10
Berserker ring(Berserker ring) x 17
Uncut onyxx 17
Dragon boots(Dragon boots) x 54
Portable deposit box(Portable deposit box) x 22
Overload flask (6)(Overload flask (6)) x 14
Lucky Saradomin sword(Lucky Saradomin sword) x 12
Fighter torso(Fighter torso) x 21
Dragon longsword(Dragon longsword) x 13
Magic shortbow(Magic shortbow) x 1
Rune arrow(Rune arrow) x 46
Desert boots(Desert boots) x 1
Green hat(Green hat) x 1
Rune crossbow(Rune crossbow) x 1
Robin hood hat(Robin hood hat) x 1
Black d'hide body(Black d'hide body) x 1
Black d'hide chaps(Black d'hide chaps) x 1
Super prayer flask (6)(Super prayer flask (6)) x 14
Bronze boltsx 1
Bones(Bones) x 2
Leather chaps(Leather chaps) x 1
Leather body(Leather body) x 1
Yew shortbow(Yew shortbow) x 2
Iron arrow(Iron arrow) x 18
Culinaromancer's gloves 6(Culinaromancer's gloves 6) x 1
Maple shortbow(Maple shortbow) x 1
Adamant arrowx 31
Sling(Sling) x 1
Emergency healing box(Emergency healing box) x 20
Tooth half of a keyx 47
Gold ore(Gold ore) x 1,705
Bolas(Bolas) x 2,861
Rune knifex 908
Loop half of a keyx 20
Runite ore(Runite ore) x 128
Raw monkfishx 896
Cannonball(Cannonball) x 1,423
Small XP lamp (Crafting)(Small XP lamp (Crafting)) x 2
Purple sweets() x 1,651
Small XP lamp (Prayer)(Small XP lamp (Prayer)) x 3
Dragon bolts (e)(Dragon bolts (e)) x 2,624
Lucky dragon claws(Lucky dragon claws) x 1
Uncut sapphirex 4
Uncut opal(Uncut opal) x 23
Uncut jadex 5
Uncut rubyx 6
Uncut diamondx 7
Uncut emeraldx 3
Green charm(Green charm) x 16
Gold charm(Gold charm) x 14
Antifire (4)x 58
Crimson charm(Crimson charm) x 11
Double xp ring(Double xp ring) x 1
Obsidian cape(Obsidian cape) x 7
Lumberjack hat(Lumberjack hat) x 1
Lumberjack top(Lumberjack top) x 1
Lumberjack legs(Lumberjack legs) x 1
Pet KBD(Pet KBD) x 1
Ranging potion (2)(Ranging potion (2)) x 7
Santa sack(Santa sack) x 1
Onyx bolts (e)(Onyx bolts (e)) x 175
Blue charm(Blue charm) x 8
Ram skull helmx 7
Overload flask (2)(Overload flask (2)) x 1
Armadyl statuette(Armadyl statuette) x 1
Prayer renewal (2)(Prayer renewal (2)) x 8
Adamant crossbow(Adamant crossbow) x 1
Super restore (2)x 11
Teak logs(Teak logs) x 150
Ranging potion (1)(Ranging potion (1)) x 8
Super defence (1)(Super defence (1)) x 6
Prayer renewal (1)(Prayer renewal (1)) x 5
Mystic earth staffx 1
Super restore (1)x 10
Dragon spear(Dragon spear) x 1
Maple logsx 57
Vial(Vial) x 205
Saradomin brew (1)x 18
Blue marionettex 1
Saradomin brew (3)x 15
Christmas wand(Christmas wand) x 2
Saradomin brew (2)x 10
Chaotic kiteshield(Chaotic kiteshield) x 18
Ranger boots(Ranger boots) x 1
Lucky Bandos chestplate(Lucky Bandos chestplate) x 14
Karil's crossbowx 9
Seers' ring(Seers' ring) x 18
Dragon halberd(Dragon halberd) x 13
Granite maul(Granite maul) x 12
Godsword blade(Godsword blade) x 10
Barrelchest anchor(Barrelchest anchor) x 12
Farseer kiteshield(Farseer kiteshield) x 10
Dragon mace(Dragon mace) x 10
Decimation(Decimation) x 1
Blue Gemstone Dagger(Blue Gemstone Dagger) x 1
Change username ticket(<img=1>Change username ticket) x 1
Dragon dagger (p++)(Dragon dagger (p++)) x 9
Grimy ranarr(Grimy ranarr) x 1
Super restore (3)x 10
Prayer renewal (3)(Prayer renewal (3)) x 9
Super defence (2)(Super defence (2)) x 6
Ancient statuette(Ancient statuette) x 2
Corrupt morrigan's javelin(Corrupt morrigan's javelin) x 59
Ranging potion (3)(Ranging potion (3)) x 7
Super defence (3)(Super defence (3)) x 7
Lumberjack boots(Lumberjack boots) x 1
Rune hatchet(Rune hatchet) x 1
Oak logsx 276
Medium XP lamp (Constitution)(Medium XP lamp (Constitution)) x 1
Brown headband(Brown headband) x 2
Willow logsx 106
Bird's nestx 1
Super energy (4)x 16
Evil tree kindling(Evil tree kindling) x 1
Tormented King's Bones(Tormented King's Bones) x 569
Medium XP lamp (Summoning)(Medium XP lamp (Summoning)) x 1
Cornucopia() x 1
Bandos tassets(Bandos tassets) x 2
D&D token (evil tree)(D&D token (evil tree)) x 9
Super restore flask (3)(Super restore flask (3)) x 1
Leatherx 412
Small XP lamp (Firemaking)(Small XP lamp (Firemaking)) x 2
Coalx 1,736
Shards of armadyl(Shards of armadyl) x 22
Tooth half of a keyx 10
Law runex 1,433
Adamant barx 428
Barrows - guthan's set(Barrows - guthan's set) x 1
Hard leatherx 676
Yew logsx 1,202
Small XP lamp (Strength)(Small XP lamp (Strength)) x 2
Lucky abyssal whip(Lucky abyssal whip) x 1
Third-age ranger set(Third-age ranger set) x 1
Leatherx 978
Raw sea turtle(Raw sea turtle) x 835
Coal(Coal) x 2,574
Small XP lamp (Agility)(Small XP lamp (Agility)) x 3
Small XP lamp (Constitution)(Small XP lamp (Constitution)) x 3
Red dragon leatherx 51
Snakeskinx 873
Bonesackx 3
Barrel of monkeys(Barrel of monkeys) x 3
Small XP lamp (Dungeoneering)(Small XP lamp (Dungeoneering)) x 1
Gold orex 241
Small XP lamp (Mining)(Small XP lamp (Mining)) x 1
Small XP lamp (Fishing)(Small XP lamp (Fishing)) x 4
Small XP lamp (Construction)(Small XP lamp (Construction)) x 2
Mith grapple() x 3
Small XP lamp (Cooking)(Small XP lamp (Cooking)) x 1
Magic logsx 1,787
Small XP lamp (Runecrafting)(Small XP lamp (Runecrafting)) x 2
Strange fruit(Strange fruit) x 1
Medium XP lamp (Ranged)(Medium XP lamp (Ranged)) x 1
Lucky Zamorak godsword(Lucky Zamorak godsword) x 1
Raw shark(Raw shark) x 138
Medium XP lamp (Dungeoneering)(Medium XP lamp (Dungeoneering)) x 2
Super energy (1)x 1
Super energy (3)x 1
Cabbagex 6
Armadyl chainskirt(Armadyl chainskirt) x 1
Spiked helmet(Spiked helmet) x 1
Guthix stole(Guthix stole) x 1
Armadyl helmet(Armadyl helmet) x 1
Bird's nestx 1
Gilded dragon pickaxe(Gilded dragon pickaxe) x 1
Studded body (g)x 1
Large XP lamp (Magic)(Large XP lamp (Magic)) x 1
Gown of subjugation(Gown of subjugation) x 1
Master RangeCapex 1
Amulet of glory (4)(Amulet of glory (4)) x 1
Ruby bolts (e)(Ruby bolts (e)) x 2,176
Crystal keyx 7
Lava Dragon Bones(Lava Dragon Bones) x 34
Frost dragon bones(Frost dragon bones) x 42
Dragon bones(Dragon bones) x 65
Lucky spectral spirit shield(Lucky spectral spirit shield) x 2
Barrows - verac's set(Barrows - verac's set) x 1
Toolkit(Toolkit) x 1
Battlefield ticketx 1
100M Ticketx 1
Quest point cape(Quest point cape) x 1
Torag's platelegsx 1
Enchanted topx 1
Super attack (3)(Super attack (3)) x 1
Super strength (3)(Super strength (3)) x 1
Seismic Katana(Seismic Katana) x 1
Mithril ore(Mithril ore) x 2,339
Shadow cape(Shadow cape) x 1
Double spin ticket(Double spin ticket) x 1
Babydragon bones(Babydragon bones) x 5
Large XP lamp (Constitution)(Large XP lamp (Constitution)) x 1
Medium XP lamp (Construction)(Medium XP lamp (Construction)) x 1
Small XP lamp (Smithing)(Small XP lamp (Smithing)) x 1
Raw rocktail(Raw rocktail) x 188
Small XP lamp (Ranged)(Small XP lamp (Ranged)) x 1
Small XP lamp (Fletching)(Small XP lamp (Fletching)) x 1
Medium XP lamp (Mining)(Medium XP lamp (Mining)) x 1
Bronze pickaxex 1
Iron pickaxex 1
Steel pickaxex 1
Mithril pickaxex 1
Adamant pickaxex 1
Rune pickaxe(Rune pickaxe) x 1