Runixscape Donation Page

Donation Benefits:

Here is a List of the Benefits of Donating:

Rank Type Total Required Cape Aura XP Boost Drop Rate Boost HP Regen Boost
Regular RankRegular Donator $14.99 110% 110% 200%
Super RankSuper Donator $39.99 120% 120% 300%
Extreme RankExtreme Donator $74.99 130% 130% 400%
Legendary RankLegendary Donator $129.99 200% 140% 500%
Ultra RankUltra Donator $189.99 250% 150% 600%
Mega RankMega Donator $295.99 300% 160% 700%
Supreme RankSupreme Donator $395.99 350% 170% 800%
Angelic RankAngelic Donator $495.99 450% 180% 900%
Ultimate Donator $749.99 550% 190% 1,000%
Royal RankRoyal Donator $1,499.99 650% 200% 1,100%
  • Donators gain a higher drop rate based on Total Donated
  • Donators gain a higher experience rate, determined by the donator status.
  • Donators automatically receive Auras that increase life points with powerful bonuses per donator rank.
  • Donators automatically receive capes that grant powerful bonuses per donator rank.
  • Donators recover run energy twice as fast as a regular player (Increasing by rank)
  • Donators get access to donator titles
  • Donators are allowed to ;;bank
  • Donators are allowed to ;;yell
  • Donating is automatic, and voting is too. Type ;;claimdonation or ;;claimvote
  • Donate to keep us online and constantly getting new players
  • New: Ultimate Donator aura while worn acts as permanent Poison Purge
  • Regular Aura Worn Super Aura Worn Extreme Aura Worn

Donation Terms of Agreement & Refund Policy

  • We are allowed to decline your payment and refund you at any time, in some cases preventing fraud, in this case, your account will NOT be banned.
  • We have the right to change an item at any time.
  • We take no responsibility for lost donated virtual goods, and once a donation is claimed, it can NOT be transferred.
  • We are now accepting other forms of donations, and you must agree with this policy, otherwise, do not click check out.
Methods of Payment:
RS3 GP$1/5mDonate Now
RS2007 GP$1/1mDonate Now
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